The site  and/or each of its sections can use “cookies” to make the browsing experience easy and effective for those who view the pages. 


A cookie is a technology where small text files are installed by a Web site on the temporary memory of the user’s browser (and therefore in the device from which the user connects). It records certain information about the navigation activity, and if cookies are accepted and not disabled, such data is communicated to the site whenever the user returns to visit. Cookies therefore allow you to record (in temporary mode) information about the preferences of the user, allowing a simplified navigation (e.g. storing the preferred language to be immediately addressed to the correct page of the site; and other preferred settings). For more information about cookies and privacy you can consult the appropriate document prepared by the Guarantor of Privacy.


Cookies are usually divided into:

• Session cookies, automatically deleted when the user closes their browser;

• Persistent cookies, which remain stored in the user’s device for a specified period of time;

• First-party cookies, which are created and managed directly by the owner of the site you are visiting;

• Third-party cookies, created and managed by parties other than the owner of the site you are visiting and over which Italian Lifestyle srl has not and can have no control.


The installation of cookies is normally done automatically in the majority of browsers used, and can be prevented by simply disabling the consensus to receive cookies.


For specifications and further information about cookies and how to disable them, the user can visit the dedicated web page of the browser he/she usually uses. We indicate some examples:

 Firefox

 Internet Explorer

 Google Chrome

 Bing

 Safari


Cookies used by the site
Own Essential Cookies
In absence of these cookies on the site the navigation may not work properly. These cookies can therefore be released on the user’s devices without the need for prior consent, but still subject to the obligation to inform.


Own Technical Cookies
Help memorize the user selected settings, so as to remember the preferences and facilitate them during a subsequent visit, improving the user’s navigation on the site (example, preventing the banner from being re-proposed to the user). To further improve the performance of the site and the services offered, these cookies allow us to measure the number of times a page is visited.


Own Analytical Cookies
These are cookies that allow to detect the modalities, preferences and interests gathered from the use of the site. These cookies derive solely from the user’s browsing experience on our site and are not ceded or otherwise shared with third parties (for example: such cookies let you know the number of visitors, the average time of visit, the channels from which the user accesses, the most visited pages, etc.).


Social Buttons
The “social buttons” are used to allow the user to share/report Web pages. These are the buttons for third-party social media sites and these sites can record information about your Internet activities including those on this site. The information and how to delete these cookies are listed in the following privacy/cookies policy:



Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy


Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy
You Tube


Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy
External Web Services


Sometimes, external Web services are used on this site to display content within pages, such as displaying images, videos, and surveys. As with the “social keys”, we cannot prevent these external services from gathering information about your use of the content, except for the specific informative expected from time to time.


Email Communications
We can use the ordinary tracking technologies to determine if the user has read, clicked, or forwarded our emails, all in order to make our communication efforts more useful and interesting. If you wish to deny access to this information, you will need to unsubscribe to our service. You can unsubscribe by following the instructions contained in the email communications you receive from us.